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Optional Fee Checkbox/Field; problem with calculation re: Total field * .02

Question asked by BERGSTEN on Apr 4, 2017
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I am going a bit nuts because I know this is a simple function.


Sometimes our clients pay via credit card. As such, we like to implement a fee (2% of the Total).


I set up a check box Invoices::Credit_Charge with a "value list" of "CREDIT CARD". When that check box is clicked, another field, CC_Charge appears and is supposed to calculate 2% of the total, and then add it to the total.


As it stands, I had the calculation set as:


If ( Payment_Status ≠ "CANCELLED" and Credit_Charge = "CREDIT CARD" ; Total * .02 )


I am clearly missing something because I either get a ? in the box (breaking my Total field) or I get 0 (depends on whether or not I add ; 0) to the end of the calculation.


I've tried a (case    ) but I think that's for more than one stipulation.


I was basing this off a calculation that we use for our Taxable check box, which works perfectly, which is:


If ( Payment_Status ≠ "CANCELLED" and Taxable = "Yes" and Subtotal ; (Subtotal + AddlDayCharge - Discount_Total) * .0625 ; 0  )


I had been substituting things in hopes that it would work in this context - but I'm clearly off track somehow.


Thanks in advance.