Sql Distinct Value

Discussion created by GJBDJC on Apr 4, 2017
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I would like to set up a portal which shows only unique values from a related table.


In my Quality Details table, I store the test results for each sample taken.  A Finished Product Lot may have one or many samples and a given project may have one or many lots.


I would like to filter a portal to only show the unique lots of a related project.  I tried the following:


ExecuteSQL (

       "SELECT DISTINCT \"FP Lot Number\"

       FROM \"Quality Details\"";

       ""; ""



FP Lot Number is the field containing lot numbers and the field is a text field (Lot numbers may contain Alpha values: BDA1234)

Quality Details is the table containing FP Lot Numbers.  Anyway, the filter shows nothing, zippo, nada?????