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Two Machine Configuration - SSL dual certificate support

Question asked by delltechservices on Apr 4, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2017 by Andy Hibbs

Can FileMaker server in a two machine deployment, be used with 2 different certificates?


Are there any problems with this configuration?


The domain of the to 2 servers don't match, so the same certificate can't be used on both machines. The DB server is inside the corporate LAN with an internal domain name. The proposed web server (worker) will reside in the DMZ using a different domain. See the configuration below.


Current configuration:

The 2 servers can communicate with each other by opening the required ports in the firewall.


Server 1

DB server name:

(internal LAN domain name. There is an internal corporate cert file I can install on DB Server)


Server 2

Webserver (worker) name:

(Webserver in the DMZ with WAN access to ports 443 and 80. There is an external cert available for install on this server.)



FileMaker Pro users are inside the corporate network and will be authenticated using active directory.

Webdirect users may be inside or outside the corporate network and will also authenticate via active directory.

PHP connections may be inside or outside the corporate network and will authenticate via a local filemaker account.