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Moving to new server and reconnecting to ODBC-ESS

Question asked by philmodjunk on Apr 4, 2017
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I may have worked with FileMaker for decades, but I haven't worked with ODBC and FileMaker very much. But I've tried to keep up with posts here in the forum, yet I'm missing some key detail:


The Scenario:

Using FileMaker 13 on a Windows Server

The original developer(s) set up ESS type External Data sources. I can open up Manage External Datasources and see the connection info, including the credentials used to open and connect to the SQL Server.


We are moving to a VM here and as a test, have set up FMS with a set of our files. I went to that server and set up a 64 bit DSN to the data source that exactly matches the DSN and SQL Server settings as I find on our current server. The only difference that I see is a slightly newer SQL Server driver between the two servers.


Yet when I go to a layout based on an occurrence of this ESS data source, I see zero records.


Just in case it was an issue, after setting up the DSN and testing to find zero records, I went to the admin console and closed/reopened the file just in case that would clear some glitch.


The developer that manages the SQL part is making himself very unavailable for assistance on this. He seems to think that going VM is a very bad idea.


Can anyone tell me what detail I have missed?