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I was billed for FM Cloud Trial Period

Question asked by jimmicanuck on Apr 4, 2017
Latest reply on May 6, 2017 by jimmicanuck

I signed up for a Free Trial of the of Filemaker Cloud.  The free trial expired on March 2nd, however I did not cancel until March 4th.  I was expecting to get 15 days free and pay the hourly rate for the 2 days AFTER the trial.  (I know I have to pay for EC2, storage and bandwidth separately ($7.84) I purchased 5 user license on March 4th. 


I was shocked to receive a charge for $297 for the full period of the trial.  I have read the FAQ and I have contacted my sales rep at Filemaker. She says there is nothing she can do and just tells me to go re read the FAQ.


The installer failed during the initial setup, and I received an error message, that I would have to repurchase the trail.  I am wondering if by purchasing 2 trials on the same day, that they got confused about the billing.


The FAQ  say: "Individuals evaluating FileMaker Cloud will not be charged for the software during the free trial period, but Amazon Web Services will charge for the compute time."


The email I received when I started the trial says

AFTER that time, if you are still subscribed to the product, you will START incurring software



Am I misreading the fine print here or is my sales rep mistaken? I am thinking the next step is to go to my credit card company for a refund.


Thanks for any opinions or help.