Problem with value list from field not updating immediately

Discussion created by DragonDave on Apr 4, 2017
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Hi. I've got an odd little problem I'm not sure how to correct.


I have the starts of a simple DB with just a few tables. Something like this:

Image 1.jpeg


There's a layout for the BUDGET table that has a couple of portals. One is a portal that allows me to create new CATEGORY records. There's another portal that shows ITEMS. Part of the ITEMS portal has a field that shows which CATAGORY the ITEM is associated with. It's a pop-up menu tied to a value list tied to the budget_item_CATEGORY TO.


Here's the problem. If I go to the category portal and add some records, then immediately go to the portal that shows items, and I click on the field to display the possible category records, it doesn't show the updated records, at least not immediately, If I wait a couple of minutes, or I restart FileMaker, then it shows the correct values.


Any thoughts on how I would force it to update the value list immediately?


Here's my workaround. If I change the relationship to the following...

Image 2.jpeg

Then the result is better. Changes to the category table are reflected immediately in the value list when I select the category field in the item portal.