ONE table for ALL "Locations" or in separate tables by type?

Discussion created by jsanders on Apr 4, 2017
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So I have a delivery database that I'm rebuilding from scratch.


Currently the "Locations" table is strictly for Stops on a delivery route but I have other location (Address) fields scattered through out the solution.


  • Vendors table has address fields for their shop and a separate set of address fields for their RemitTo.


  • Customers table has address fields for their Office and their BillTo location.


  • Insurance certificates of vendors have address fields for the insurance company that issued the cert... etc etc etc.



So I'm thinking I should consolidate ALL location data in to one table with a "Type" field to designate what the Location record is related to: Vendors, Customers, Insurance, Route Stops and so on.


This will result in a massive amount of data living in a single table.  We currently have about 10,000 stop locations, 6000 vendors (minimum of 2 locations each) with their insurance companies and a few hundred customers.  The table will grow to over 50,000 records within a year or so.


So I worry about performance to some degree but the issue I can't quantify is that it just seems weird to me put Route Stop location data in the same table and the remit to address of a vendor!



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