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FileMaker Pro: is recovering the admin password for a file even possible?

Question asked by p.magno on Apr 5, 2017
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Hi everybody, I'd like to share my problem with the community hoping for an unlikely solution.


I'm finding myself in a harsh situation at work because of a password-protected database that I didn't handle in the first place and that has been around for several years. The file has a fp7 extension but runs on Filemaker Pro v.11 on the office pc (v.12 is installed and works as well but the file has never been converted).


So what happens is that I can access the file with a "guest" username and password I was given, and I did so for a long time successfully adding new data. Then one day Chief comes to me saying he can no longer access the file with his admin credentials and he needs them to modify the database layout. There's no way I changed them since I never knew of them in the first place, and it is obvious that he doesn't remember them. I tried a password recovery tool but it says the file is not protected...


From a rapid search on the net I understand that a lost admin password for a file is lost forever, so we'll need to contact for official support.

Still, I was wondering if you guys had some deus ex machina solution to solve or bypass the problem (e.g. giving privileges to my guest user somehow?)


Thanks for the attention and support!