Cursor icon changes based on what is behind script workspace

Discussion created by realgrouchy on Apr 4, 2017
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To reproduce:

- Have two database windows open, "A" and "B", side by side, with a button on window B

- Open the Script Workspace and place it over window B with window A visible

- Navigate to and place focus in window A

- Bring focus to the Script Workspace by clicking on the script area or the script list.


Expected results:

- The script workspace has focus


Actual results:

- The script workspace has focus, but the cursor reflects the contents of window B instead of the contents of the Script Workspace window.


For example, if you hover over the location of the button in Window B (which is obscured by the Script Workspace), the cursor changes to a hand.

Also, if you hover over the line between the list of scripts and the script work area, the cursor does not change to a <-|-> icon for resizing the script list.


Clicking the cursor produces the correct outcome and resets the cursor icon to behave correctly.


In my basic testing, if the Script Workspace is brought into focus by clicking in the header area of the Script Workspace, this issue does not seem to occur.


Although I use OS X 10.10.5 with FMPA 15.0.3, I have also checked this with FMP14 and FMP15 on 10.12. I did a quick search for similar issues to see if this was reported before but I didn't find any.


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