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Restoring corrupted tables problem

Question asked by mz5005 on Apr 4, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2017 by mz5005

I have problems in several tables about sorting and selecting. The simple solutions like rebuilding indexes don't solve it.

So I have decided to clone the whole database and import the data. There I run into a problem: I can not select the necessary lay-out.


We import our LinkedIn (LI) connections. Because LI has a rudimentary export module ("everything or nothing"), we keep the LI info

in a separate table that gets replaced with a new version every time (ALL CONTACTS).

The unique identifier of a contact is its email address. So there is a table EAID which assigns an ID# to an email address.

This ID# is the key to the (separated non-LI) part of the system.


Steps taken:

1. imported All Contacts table

2. imported EAID table

so far so good..


Now I want to import the data from EAINFOALL (which has as key EAID) but I can not select the necessary layout in the import screen

(can't show with open menu but the lay out is greyed out).


I also tried to delete the EAID records and then directly importing the EAINFOALL data, but that gives the same result.


How do I solve this? Any help greatly appreciated!