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    V15 Memory Issue?


      I have a nightly process that runs fine on version 13 and 14 clients. I try and run the same process on v15 client and I get an out of memory application error and Filemaker 15 is using 65 Gigs of memory! I've attached screen shots of the items. Any ideas what's going on?



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          Hi John


          The early versions of v15 had a dreadful memory leak, which we believe improved with the last update. However, we don't believe it has been totally fixed despite v15 approaching the end of its run.


          65Gb is extreme, but if FMP isn't quit regularly it will gradually use more and more RAM. There are various references to this within this forum. This post of mine goes off on various topics but does refer to the memory problem:   Where are the fixes? V15 has resulted in a lot more hands on maintenance for us as many of our clients don't log out of our Citrix and RemoteApp servers, which eventually run out of RAM unless restarted, something that never happened with earlier versions.


          Do ensure you're on the latest update of v15 to try to minimise (but not resolve) the problem.


          Kind regards



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            Hi Andy,

            Thanks for your info. I had reported this right after 15 released, but have just now gotten back to looking at it again since 14 has been working fine. I noticed you mentioned slowness when working with layouts in 15. I've found that issue in 14 after running long scripting processes. If I have a long process to run and then need to do layout or scripting work. I just close FM and relaunch it because it's so hard to work in without the relaunch. Hopefully this is fixed soon. I checked and I was on 15.0v2. Just updated to the latest version.