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    Disappearing Fields in Portals


      We have a client who is using Remote Desktop to access a terminal server. They use FileMaker server to host their database, which accessed via the same IP address as the terminal server. We don't know what the internal configuration is. They login via remote desktop and use FMP to access the hosted database.


      Sometimes, the portal doesn't display several of the fields. Nor does it display the totals. In the image below, the colomns for Invoice Total Ex, GST and Invoice Total Inc, should all have values. There should be a grand total displayed at the bottom, just as it is for Balance. Most of the time, everything displays properly.


      No matter what we do, we can't get this issue to arise. We log in via Remote Desktop to the same machine, so we are using the same software, using the same privilege set.


      Has anyone ever seen anything similar?





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          Are they possibly zooming to a point where the fields could overlap? Also possibly fonts are causing it to fall out of line?


          In this type of case where there is a fixed-height portal, I will usually overlay lines on top of the portal for the vertical lines, and make sure there is padding around the fields on the top and bottom of each portal row.


          Using minute positioning has some drawbacks like inexplicable behavior from one system to another, slight shifts and adjustments based on screen size, OS, etc...

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            They are using the windows at 100% zoom. The fonts are all arial 11pt.


            It is not a complete failure, which occurs when the objects aren't aligned. In most cases, all the fields display correctly. When there is a problem, it is always the same three fields which fail to display.


            The layout is Customer and the portal is displaying Invoices. The fields are Invoice totals, which are calculations based on the Invoice Line Items table. I'm sure that is a part of the problem but when we use RDP to access the system in the same way as them, including a network throttle to emulate their DSL2 connection, the figures always appear.

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              There might be something dodgy about the specific field objects. Try replacing one of the misbehaving fields with a completely new one, or a copy of a field that is not giving trouble that is the repointed to the field you want. (I recently had a conditional global field which simply would not display its correct content. I had copied the field from another layout and repointed it, and it simply would not behave as expected in its new context with its new definition. The problem was solved by adding a new field object from scratch.(

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