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Relationship Problem - Works one way only

Question asked by gagnon1937 on Apr 5, 2017
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I have two files, A & B.  In both files there are match fields.  In file A, I set up a relationship to file B.  In a layout in file A, I  put the two match fields side-by-side, one from the parent file A and the other linked to the related file B.  The contents of those two match fields appears in those two fields for all records in file A.  The relationship works exactly as one would expect and as I have done many times in the past.


However, I set up a relationship in file B to link to file A using those same two match fields.  I put the two match fields on a layout in file B.  The field resident in file B has content but the field related to file A is blank for all records of file B.


Why does file A get data from file B but, using the same relationship, file B cannot get data from file A?  Files A and B have multiple occurrences of the match fields but that has not been a problem in the past.  I am running FileMaker 13 on a Mac running Mavericks.  Also tried with FileMaker 14 on a computer running El Capitan.  Same result.


Additional tests using a completely separate file C.

- A can draw data from B and C.

- B & C can draw data from each other.

- Neither B or C can draw relational data from A.


The match fields are the same for all three files.  File A seems not to want to share data.