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Tab Order - Preventing "reset"

Question asked by bHouston on Apr 5, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2017 by bHouston

I currently have Tab Order set up to navigate between many portals in a layout. Alongside Tab Order (to navigate from a field in a portal to the same field in the very next portal), I am using OnObjectKeystroke to perform a script when ENTER/RETURN key is used in the field of focus.


The issue/problem I'm having - whenever the ENTER/RETURN key is used, using TAB returns the user/field focus to the very first portal (first tab order field), essentially "resetting" the Tab Order. How can I prevent this "reset" of tab order to #1?


I want to be able to select ENTER/RETURN in a portal and then go to the next portal field in the Tab Order (which will always be the next portal).


I feel like this should be an easy solution but cannot figure it out! Thanks in advance for your time and assistance!