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Can I hide an object only when the window is the active foreground window?

Question asked by user24799 on Apr 5, 2017
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I have an interface that uses two windows side by side. (Something similar to FileMaker's demo that opens when you launch FileMaker for the first time.)


The problem with this interface method is the users get confused when they try to click on field or a button that is not in the active window because their first click only makes the window active...and does not execute the script as they expect it to. So they must click a second time to actually enter a field or trigger a button.


After this happens a few times the users start to think that they must double click on buttons to make them execute. Then before you know it users are double-clicking on all buttons (even when they in the active window). As you can imagine...this soon become a major problem.


To remedy the problem I want to place a 50% opacity black rectangle over the entire interface and hide it when the window is in the foreground. Is this possible? I can't find any function that get's only the foreground window name.