Popover Click-through

Discussion created by emma@happysoftware.com on Apr 6, 2017
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Product and version

- FileMaker Pro Advanced 14.0.6,,

- FileMaker Go 14.0.4 (I did not test on 15)

- (FileMaker WebDirect does NOT have this issue)

OS and version

- Windows 7 Professional

- iOS 10.2


- PC

- Apple iPad Mini


When I have a popover open, and I run an onObjectExit script, clicking off of the popover to a place where I have a hidden button, the button executes, even though it was not visible when I clicked. I have attached the file, and a video of the bug.



I have two objects on my layout, a button, and a popover. The button, has a show/hide condition where it hides if a variable $$POPOVER_OPEN is true or 1. The popover has no show/hide condition, but does have two script triggers (onObjectEnter and onObjectExit). The onObjectEnter trigger sets the $$POPOVER_OPEN variable to true or 1, and then refreshes the button.  The onObjectExit script trigger sets the $$POPOVER_OPEN variable to "", and then refreshes the button.


If I open the popover, and then click off where I know the hidden button to be, the button executes the script associated with it.  If I open the popover, and then click off where I know the hidden button not to be, the button does not execute the script.


How to replicate

See Description, or Use the attached file.


Workaround (if any)

Add the Close Popover, and the Halt Script steps to the end of the onObjectExit script.