FileMaker Go 15 - Insert Current Date erratic

Discussion created by ctmorrison2105 on Apr 6, 2017
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We have a FileMaker "application" (aka database) that we've been using for several years.  The ONLY recent change has been to update all the iPads to FMG Go 15, all the desktops and laptops to FMP Pro 15 and move the database from a shared FM 14 Server to a dedicated FMP 15 Server.  This was a coordinated move that happened at the same time for all devices.


We've just started to notice since the above changes that Insert Current Date() is sometimes not working.  It gets used hundreds of times each day in conjunction with a call to Insert Current Time to a different field.  The Insert Current Time always works.  However, we're seeing instances wherein Insert Current Date() is leaving the target field blank.  Again, there have been no changes to the database or the layout.  The two "set" commands are called via a button on the layout and occur one right after the other.


This would appear to be a FileMaker Go 15 issue since we never saw it until after the upgrade and we haven't yet seen it when a desktop runs the script.  This is not easily repeated, but has occurred about 5 times in the last week.