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Filemaker 15 Connection Fail Mac OS 10.11.6

Question asked by on Apr 6, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2017 by l_allen_poole

Hi all,


I recently upgraded one of our Mac OS X clients from FileMaker 13 Advanced to FileMaker Advanced and the client is unable to see any databases on our server (currently running the latest version of Server 15, hosted on a Mac). The client is running Mac OS X El Cap 10.11.6.


Before upgrading I uninstalled FileMaker 13 from the applications folder and removed the preferences from the ~/User/Preferences folder and the FileMaker folder from ~/User/Application Support.


Upon open FMPA 15 I'm presented with the Launch Center, I navigate to "Hosts" tab and I can see the server listed on the left, but when I select it, the center window just shows "Connection Failed". Manually entering the IP and host file name using the add host option also fails.


Reinstalling FMA 13 sees and connects to the server as expected. All other FileMaker 15 clients are working as expected. Also, this server does not use an SSL certificate. I've tried disabling the firewall on the client (however, FMA 13 works normally with it turned on).

Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!