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FileMaker Script Engine process has terminated abnormally

Question asked by deninger on Apr 6, 2017

I am regularly encountering Error 701 in one of my applications. I am fairly certain that I know WHY this is occurring but I am looking for insight on work-arounds...


My app receives JSON input via PHP from a WEB source. The PHP script that inserts the data into FileMaker calls a script to process the received data.


Every time I am getting the Error 701, the app received two posts very close together.


I was under the assumption, which appears to be incorrect, that the FMSE would queue up scripts and perform them in sequence. I have increased the allowed number of scripts by FM Server, but this does not seem to effect the outcome.


I could, of course, simply schedule my script to run every minute on the server, but I am not a big fan of running a script even if there is nothing to process. Also, I have run into Error 701 when running scripts frequently as well.


My concern is that the volume  JSON packets received is going to increase dramatically soon, going from a few hundred a day to several thousand per day and maybe even higher than that. I need to be sure the solution will scale effectively.


So my question is: is there a better way to do this that would minimize the error in the FMSE?