List only returning first row of portal data

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Hey Everyone,


I have an order entry form that has an attached portal for Line Items. In a previous post i had asked how to get the data from the form into a csv format that I could import into our accounting system. As per the suggestions I created a new field and used the Substitute (List(Table1::Field1; Table1::Field2 etc); "¶"; ",") to place the data into the field for export. Which works great


Now, the problem I am having is that I need to get the line items in the same format. I followed suggestions from other queries and created a layout from the portal table, scripted a find to return the correct record set and used the same Substitute ( List ()) command to assimilate the data. When I debug the script the layout shows all the records but the List () command only shows the first row of data. Is the List function suppose to return an array or just one row?


This is what the layout shows:


PartNo     Qty     Price

A               1          $

B               2          $

C               3          $


The list command only returns A,1,$.


Could you please let me know what I am doing wrong and let me know if I misunderstand how List is supposed to work?


Thanks for your time.




FMP15.0.3.305 running on latest FileMaker server 15