Exporting Global Container Field To Windows Network Drive

Discussion created by danjamins on Apr 6, 2017
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Hi All,


I wrote a script that creates a set of folders on a network drive on one of our file servers.


Now I have template documents stored in global container fields in my database, and once the folders are created on the network drive I would like to place these template documents into specific folders.


Figured it would be easy enough to create a variable $documentPath with the following calculation:


"filewin://FS1/Commercial/DanTestFolder/" & $account & "/" & $project & "/ProjectManagement/Budget/Budget Template Master.xlsx"


I put this variable into the export field contents, and when the script runs I don't receive any error but when I go into the directory it doesn't have the spreadsheet as I expected.


I've tried using the network drive letter name (filewin:/T:/) and that didn't work either so I tried the network path... I'm stumped.