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    create list of usb files


      Many usb flash drives with media files. Can I create db using directory info from macos Sierra?

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          Possibly using the free BaseElements plugin: BE_ListFilesInFolder – BaseElements Plugin Help Centre

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            TextWrangler actually does this. If you drag a Drive icon onto the TW window it retrieves the complete file contents which are then sortable by line and of course easy to edit. My problem solved.


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              FYI: TextWrangler will be going bye bye:

              Bare Bones Software | TextWrangler


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                Correct answer would be: BBedit will do the same thing, so no worries. --
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                  Any text editor will work. You can select all in a directory and paste into the editor.

                  But what a pain to copy/paste.


                  p.s. BBEdit owner/user for decades

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                    "Any text editor will work." ??


                    No, in order to be able to SORT line by line you need either a full word processor

                    or one of these much smaller but capable editors like TextWrangler etc. You cannot use

                    TextEdit or Notes; neither program even offers a SORT function.


                    If you drag a usb icon into TextEdit it warns "Do you really want to copy the contents

                    of the dragged items into the text?" [alias/cancel/copy]. What would your answer be?

                    I assume that this warning implies that TextEdit will try to copy the entire digital

                    contents of the 125 gb usb drive, ouch. Whereas TextWrangler/BB simply copy the

                    structure of the files that are on the usb drive for us to edit and sort. When my Master

                    List of short lines reaches 10,000, if suspect TW will keep asking for more.


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                      sorry, what part of Copy/Paste is a problem? I would never drag/drop.

                      In Finder, select all, copy the list (presorted) of files and then paste wherever. Paste into text editor and save as .txt, import into FileMaker and sort (if not to your liking).


                      I just used the built-in Text Edit (MacOS) and an editor "Tex-Edit Plus" to test. Folders within will not have an extension. If you want all (even in folders), open/expand the folders and copy/paste.


                      Not fun, but does in a pinch.


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                        Have I not been clear about what I'm trying to do? I.E. create Master Lists

                        of title, year and location: a very minimal amount of data that needs to be

                        easy to access, process and maintain. Logically I plan to have separate

                        Lists for Movies, Music videos, Recordings(audio), Books, Vehicles, etc.

                        For the big Lists, which can easily reach 10,000 entries, working out an

                        efficient routine is paramount. For the lesser Lists the intention is to

                        treat them the same way even if this might seem a bit more work.


                        I've looked around for an App that can do this on MacOS but I'm an old

                        timer, pre-Internet, but to be truthful, not a programmer. I could probably

                        make a Script to do this but .  .  . I started with my first List a couple

                        years ago using Word for Mac with a single column but that work was left

                        behind a couple years ago 1500 miles away (it had reached 1200 lines) so

                        I'm starting all over again. The procedure is to build the usb drive first,

                        then add to the List by the simplest method. Dragging the Drive Icon onto

                        TextWrangler/BB works fine and is sortable and editable. If you can use

                        another method that will be sortable in either of the Edit programs that

                        are included in SierraOS then please explain exactly how you managed to do

                        this - I would be very interested.


                        I cannot follow the steps you describe. Are you using two separate editors?

                        Please explain and I will try to replicate. I have TW and BB but not FM as

                        TW does this just fine. Still it would be nice to use a simple App that

                        would be bulletproof by providing full backup for you automatically.



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                          I can only SORT using TW (or BB) or Word for MacOS, so what is your point?



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                            your request:

                            create db using directory info from macos Sierra

                            I merely gave a way to GET the names of the directory files, that I have had to use in the past. No, there is no other directory data with copy (of the selected names) & paste (into any editor), but saving as text can IMPORT (into FM or other db).


                            Please ignore any of my comments that were not helpful. I'll refrain from replying again.