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How can I maximize container data migration performance?

Question asked by lmconsulting on Apr 7, 2017
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The source database has nearly 7,000 records in the table of (originally) externally stored containers. These were first moved to internal storage which caused the source database to grow by about 20 GB. The target database was also set to store containers internally for the migration. During import the transfer rate I'm measuring is only 3 to 6 records/minute leading to estimates of 20 hours or more to complete! The source and target are both hosted on FMS15 running in Win Server 2008 R2 virtual machine.  The client running the import is FMP15 on Windows 7. It appears from watching the Resource Monitor on the client that all of the container data is passed from server to client and back during import. The server does not appear to be very busy. If this is the case, it may also be the reason for the slow performance. I've tried to run a scheduled server script to import this table, but it always crashes with error 100 (File is missing). Both files are hosted in the same server directory and have the same admin password. How should the file path look for this to work?  Is the server script a viable solution to speed this up?