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Double Run

Question asked by user29536 on Apr 8, 2017
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The group I work for uses Prime Suite for their ERM. With that said there are over a half million appointments in the database.

I build a file in FileMaker called Forms Console. with just about every form built into it. Since there are so many records in the Prime Suite

rather than that file taking a large hit every time a medical assistant pulls a list of daily appointments we pull appointments for 10 days, (3 Backward, 7 Forward) into an external SQL file, which is usually between 10K and 13K.


I have a script that I run to get a new list for FileMaker table. In this script since the FileMaker table is for work purpose only.

The script deletes all records, goes to SQL table and using the custom function FoundList. It gets a list of ID's from the table , comes back to FileMaker table and in a loop script it creates a new record, sets the ID field (all fields do a lookup to SQL) then exits when list in CF is down.


This all works great. I do it this way because the FileMaker server can't do imports. When I run this script on the client it runs and is done.

Now the weird part. When it runs a scheduled script on the server it runs the script twice. Its's not a big deal. I just can't figure it out as to why it runs twice. There a no scrip triggers on any of the layouts it visits.  When I run the script on the server I can watch what it is doing on the client side and it defiantly runs once, then re-deletes all records and runs again. Anyone else since this ghostly behavior?