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Calculate and Display Dates from Portal in Parent

Question asked by pademo57 on Apr 7, 2017
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I have a relationship between Course table and Course_Details table:

CRS::_pk_CRS_ID -> CRSDET::_fk_CRSdet_ID


In the Course Layout you can add a new Course which has a Course Name, Overall Start Date and Overall End Date.

In the portal from Course_Details you can add Sections.


Each Section requires a CRSDET_Name, CRSDET_Start Date, CRSDET_Number of Days, CRSDET_End Date


What I would like to do is when someone changed the first Section Start Date it will automatically put it into the Course::Overall Start Date


Also when someone has finished adding sections that it puts in the last portal record CRS::End_Date into the Course::Overall End Date.


I tried using a script trigger that when someone modifies a Start Date or and End Date it updates the Overall field but it doesn't work.


Can someone shed some light on this please.


Here is a snapshot:

Course Days.PNG

I put the dates in to show where I would like them to show up