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FM Server scheduled script failing - Help!

Question asked by andruziwa on Apr 7, 2017
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I have a FM15 solution running on FM Server 15 on a Mac iOS server computer with SSL security.


I added a test for Get (ConnectionState) in my opening script to ensure that anyone accessing the file is using an appropriate certificate.   If the result is <2 the application closes.


When I added this to the script it worked fine for filemaker pro clients, Go and WebDirect.  BUT then I discovered (after much debugging) that my FM 15 Server SCHEDULED scripts were failing.  Any script I try to run from the server fails because of this test.


I didn't know this until I reviewed the error logs on Server - when Server tries to run a script it "opens" the file and when it opens the file, the initial open file script trigger also gets run before Server can complete the actual script that it was supposed to run.


I am trying to find a way to EXCLUDE Server from running the opening script, or at least bypassing this security check step that is causing the failure.  I tried Get (ApplicationVersion) = "Server" as a means of excluding Server but it isn't working.


Any advice?