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    Lines gone missing on Layout



      We have a report whose body is sectioned off with lines that were drawn between fields.  I don't think anyone's been messing around with the layout, but only some pages of the report print the lines now.


      I can't see any obvious reason why this is happening--fields are not full or overflowing, formatting is the same, --it just seems to randomly not print all the lines on a page. The only hint might be that these are records entered later then the ones whose lines do show up. I've attached a screen shot of two records--side by side that show what's goin' down.


      What might be happening here?



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          Thank you for your post!


          Can you confirm if this issue occurs in a New File?

          What version of FileMaker does this file originate?

               -If using layouts with "Classic" theme, you might try to move layouts to "Minimalist" theme.


          I'm also going to move this thread from the FileMaker Community Feedback Space (which is specifically for input on the Community itself) to the Discussions Space where you should receive more views and potentially more feedback on this topic!



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            Thank you!!!

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              This is happening in an existing file that’s been around for a year or two. We recently upgraded from FMP13 to FMP 15, but have not made changes to the layout since the last time it was used.


              Actually, I’ve been playing around with another layout this afternoon and it’s doing it there too. This is a layout I modified from a different, previously existing layout.


              Thanks all!



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                Have you tried changing the layout them as suggested earlier?

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                  Not sure how to do that. Can you suggest where to look?



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                    Enter layout mode. Use the duplicate layout option from the layout menu to make a new copy of this layout. (this will keep your original unchanged in case you need to revert back to it.).


                    From the same menu, select "change theme" and select one of the "minimalist" options.


                    This may make significant changes to your layout, but now check to see if this corrects the problem.

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                      Thank you, but nope, that didn’t fix it.


                      Do you have any other thoughts? (I hope)



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                        Anything on that layout set to "sliding up" under "Sliding & Visibility" in the "Position" Inspector?

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                          Yes. I just realized too that if there was no information in the field just above it, the line doesn’t show.  I want it to slide up (rather than make each “page” a set size), so what’s the fix?


                          Also, the report seems to be sorting in order entered rather than by the actual field. That’s probably a bigger issue at this point. Suggestions? I’m guessing that’s an easy fix too.




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                            If you want the field to slide, it's label should be set to hide and slide as well. The Hide object when option can be used to hide the field label when it's associated field is empty. You can then set it to slide up.


                            As to sorting, are you trying to sort records or fields? you can do the first, but not (at least not easily) the second. If you find that you need to sort fields, you should consider a different design that puts the data to be sorted into separate records in a related table for easy sorting.

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                              Ok!  Thank you!


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                                Phil gives good advice on the sliding part of your question. I'm just going to mention an alternative with respect to the lines. Yes, you can indeed do as you have done, and put a line on your layout as a graphic object, and that's undoubtedly most people's basic inclination.


                                BUT, you can also do it another way, which may work out better in the sliding-and-visibility department. I offer it here as an option, not necessarily as a recommendation, because I don't know exactly the appearance you're looking for.


                                In layout mode, you can select a field (in this example, "Random Text") that you want to have separated from those above it ...




                                ... and then go to "Graphic" under the "Appearance" Inspector and format it with an overline:


                                Line Specs.jpeg


                                Make sure that the color is set to black so the line will show up clearly. You might also want to dial down the corner radius to zero. And, as the ever-helpful PhilModJunk reminded me, be sure also to go into Layout Setup and deselect the option to delineate fields (draw lines around boxes) on only the current record:


                                Deselect Delineate.jpeg


                                After that, this is what you might see in Browse mode, where you'll notice that some of the records don't have anything entered in the "Random Text" field:




                                But when you go into Preview mode, you see the effect of those fields having been set to slide up. The empty ones vanish along with their overlines:




                                An added advantage of this approach is that the overlines slide around with the fields any time you need to rearrange them. Perhaps this will prove helpful.

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                                  + 1 for Richard's point. That's my preferred method too.


                                  If you haven't sorted this out yet, if you post a photo of the layout in layout mode w/ all of the symbols on, I think it will be pretty apparent what's going wrong. Once you learn to read those symbols, you'll be able to see which fields are sliding and how. When I have to make PDF product catalogs that has been invaluable to me.


                                  You can show these symbols by entering layout mode, then view > show > make sure all of these are checked.


                                  it will slow down some of your rendering a bit because it will load sample data and a plethora of icons. And you'll want to hover your mouse over the icons to learn what they mean. Once you've got those symbols down you'll be in a better position to see what's going on I think.