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Many of us make large databases and they become unwieldy to manage in Filemaker and make me want to switch to a different system just so I can manage the internals. Please add the following ASAP:

1) ability to group fields into folders. This would be so massively helpful. This way I could close folders and not have to see fields which are important but rarely administrated so are visually clutter and make my job difficult. Also it would avoid creating additional tables just to try to separate chunks of related fields. To compartmentalize data is good database design, but a pragmatically bad idea in Filemakie because even indexed fields in related tables are super slow once you get the record count up there, especially over the internet. I've watched SQL databases do queries in less than a second that takes FM several minutes.

2) Comments on Scripts, the way there is on Fields. This would be so wonderfully helpful. I've got so many scripts. I don't know what half of them do or what body of work they were used for.

3) The ability to list relationships, and add comments, and folders. Relationships are really unwieldy. I've got 40-70 relationships per file and it's like walking through a haunted deserted Winchester Mansion with mystery rooms most of which is forgotten cobwebby unknown possibly critical, possibly useless and we'll never know (until we delete the critical ones we THOUGHT were useless) - and I'M the person who wrote this stuff (but can't document it!)

4) Change name of program. Most programs "Make" "Files". What is unique about your product and how would I recognize it and why would I want to buy it? Why not something more marketable such as "Super Ultra Mega KickAss WYSIWYG GUI Database Designing Creating and Managing Utility" But you can't truthfully call it that until you make the changes I requested. Thank you.