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    Record Number


      Hi there,

      How to get the record number of a record that contains a field with a  specific value using ExecuteSQL.

      for instance:

      ExecuteSQL("SELECT --- FROM table name WHERE \"filed content\"=something";"";"")


      my question is what should I put instead of --- to get the record number ?


      Thanks in advance

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          Jason Wood

          The name of the field that contains the record number, or if you need the internal record ID, you need to add a calculation field that is = Get(RecordID)


          ... but for most purposes you should not be using the internal record ID






          ExecuteSQL("SELECT \"fieldname\" FROM \"tablename\" WHERE \"anotherfieldname\"='value'";"";"")


          If it's possible to get multiple values back, you should put a row separator in the 3rd parameter, or if you just want the first result, add "FETCH FIRST 1 ROWS ONLY", for example.

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            Dear Jason Wood,

            Thank you for your valuable notes.