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    Hide object in a portal row, when the portal row isn't created...?


      If you turn on "Allow creation of records in this relationship" there will obviosly be an extra row in a portal for that relationship. I've always liked that solution, it creates an easy way for the user to add related records.


      However, Filemaker hasn't provided us with a "Don't show this object if there is no related record" function.

      It is of course easliy obtained by using the "Hide object if" function. Eg "IsEmpty( Client | Note::ID )"


      BUT - This function is limited to work on *only in that relationship*. Ie, it's proprietary to that relationship. I can't copy the formula and paste it for another object in another portal.


      I want a function that works *no matter what* relationship, and I have experimented with different Get functions, but it's really hard since there is no calculation done if there's no related record...



      Does anybody have a solution for this?


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