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    {{CurrentTimestamp}} only displays the time


      Even when you format this symbol to show the date in the format you prefer, only the time is shown in browse mode.   I thought timestamps include both date and time.  To be clear, you can format the object to select a date format but it does not appear.

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          Um, works for me just fine in 15. Looking at a layout right now. In layout mode I see




          In Browse mode at the moment I see


          4/8/2017 10:41:13 AM



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            By the way Dennis, when I did my quick test, all I did was go into layout mode, type "{{CurrentTimestamp}}", then return to browse mode. I made no effort to format the date/time display.


            So just now, I wondered if that makes a difference. Went back into layout mode. Here are the initial data formats applied to the text object as FileMaker's defaults:

            • Date format: "As Entered"
            • Time format: "As Entered"


            With the text object formatted like that, I see "4/8/2017 11:13:20 AM".


            But when I start trying to customize the data formats, it breaks. For example I tried first to format date as "4/8/17" instead of the default "4/8/2017". Made the data formatting change in layout mode, switched to browse and.... nothing. It still shows "4/8/2017".


            And when I try to format the time — I see what you reported: the date part of the timestamp disappears.


            So I do now see what you were reporting. You can get what you want by changing both date and time formats back to the default "As Entered". But I do think the behavior when you apply data formats is unexpected if not downright buggy.


            (Never noticed this before.)