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    Simple Conditional Value List


      I'd like to create a value list that includes values from a field (records from a table). I only want it to include "active records" based on a "status" field on that record. So if the status field is set to "Ready" then that record would be included in the value list. If its set to "Not Ready" or "Waiting" it would not be included in that value list.


      I've been finding lots of how-tos for nested hierarchal conditional lists where I select a category and then the next value list adjusts based on that category. But I just want the value list to automatically hide or show based on that status field. Is this possible?


      I have tried creating a self-joined table that matches based on status and then had the value list only show values only include related values starting from the self-joined table. This seems to partially work as the value list only shows records with a certain status. But I don't know why its showing just that particular status, and I don't know how to adjust it so that it shows the records with the correct status.


      Any help or point to a very simple tutorial would be greatly appreciated!

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          All you need is a calculation field:


          If ( Status = "Ready" ; Field2ValueField )


          Make the return type "text".


          This field is empty when the status is not "Ready".


          In your value list set up, make an ID field from this table field 1 and this field the 2nd field. "Field2ValueField" should be the field you would have otherwise specified as the 2nd field in your value list but are now using this calculation field in its place.


          If you aren't using an ID field in your value list setup, then use the 1st field in your calculation field and use this calculation in place of that first field in the value list setup.


          I call this a "hardwired" conditional value list and you can find a working example of both it and a relationship based hardwired CVL along with a number of other value list examples here:


          Adventures in FileMaking #1--conditional value lists

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            Yes! This worked. Thank you so much Phil! You are amazing.