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    Drop-down list


      I have a strange problem. Although I am using multiple drop-down lists in various forms, I have one form that one drop-down will not work.

      I can create a new solution and all is fine.

      I've even done it without a relationship as long as the "Value list" is set up to that file.

      I'm guessing there must be something in the form as two other drop-downs ar OK in it.


      Many thanks,


      Rob Main

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          If you want help, you'll need to provide some more information so that we can do more than guess.


          How is the value list defined? For some value lists, the context, the layout on which you want to use the value list makes a difference. For others, it doesn't matter. For some types of value lists, whether or not indexing is enabled on a field used as a source of values for the value list can affect how the value list works.


          How exactly does it fail to work?

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            yeah we'll need a bit more info to answer for sure.


            But when my value lists don't work, it's usually because I'm using values from a related field and there's something amiss with my relationships or the value list set up.


            Is this a conditional value list? Meaning you select one option and that affects what options show in a second value list?


            When you say it doesn't work, do you mean that it just shows an empty line? is there only one? or multiple empty lines?

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              I have NO EXPLANATION as to why, but after performing the operz\ation

              umteen times, lo and behold, all is finally OK.

              Tis so typical of anything Mac related.

              Everything appears to be up to snuff at present. Doing a "show & tell"

              later to day. If it is satisfactory the next ordeal will deploying

              Filemaker Server & Pro Advanced on Syncplicity. From there to the five

              MacBook clients.