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Calculating Number of Workdays including First Day

Question asked by pademo57 on Apr 8, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2017 by Jaymo

I have seen in other discussions how to calculate the next delivery day using:


StartDate + Int ( WorkDays / 5 ) * 7 + Middle ( "12345012340123601256014560345623456" ; ( DayOfWeek ( StartDate ) - 1 ) * 5 + Mod ( WorkDays ; 5 ) + 1 ; 1 )


But in my case I need a function which includes the Start Date as well as the End Date. This is for calculating Class dates.

In other words, if a class starts on a Monday, May 8th,  and runs for 10 days, the calculation shows it ending on Friday, May 26th, using a 5 days on and two days off


When trying the above calculation it shows the following Monday as the End Date. Which would be correct if I didn't need to include the Start Date as the first day.


How do I change the above calculation so it includes the Start Date? I've tried a bunch of things but just can't get it to work.