Good Applescript fails to run in Filemaker

Discussion created by louk on Apr 8, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2017 by dale_allyn

Filemaker Perform AppleScript runs other perts of this script correctly. But for some reason hits a brick wall on this line. This AppleScript returns the correct number of events in the Script editor:


           tell application "Calendar" to set numEvents to the number of events in calendar "TEST"


But paste it into a Filemaker Perform AppleScript step and it returns an error. Through Filemaker, the script seems blind to Calendar events.


Q1: Why does this pasted in line, which runs in the Editor, fail in Filemaker?


Q2: I tried Send Event to it as an application and it does not run. I've used Send Event routinely in many Filemaker scripts with no problems, up through FM12. I'm now in Fm14. Would the FM version have anything to do with it?


I would be grateful for any insight into this.