Filemaker Server host PC crashed, how to restore

Discussion created by bmadams on Apr 9, 2017
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Hello and thanks,

This is my first post. i did some searching; ie Backup, Restore etc and still need help please.

1st, please know I am the IT support, I do computers...not Filemaker. For the most part, it is like a foreign language to please keep it I'm Stupid when it comes to Filemaker.

also know, This is in an office of 20 users. They have Filemaker Pro 14 installed. These look to the File Server for the Filemaker database etc etc They all are running, as is the File Server hosting Filemaker, Win7.64 Pro


The PC that hosts Filemaker Server has crashed. I am having to rebuild it from scratch. I did not do the original install of the Filemaker Server on the File Server. I'm not even sure where the Filmaker Server install files are. I do have the License info I use to install Filmmaker 14 on the Workstations.

The good news: Backups

-I have the backups created daily by Filemaker. I have several with the most recent a day before the crash, each in a folder with a time stamp.


I was able to get Filemaker to run one last time and created another of these Backups and

-I was able to do a ??? backup that created these Folders


Copies_FMS (empty)




So thats it, all I have and all I know.

How do I best bring this system back up?