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    Filemaker Server host PC crashed, how to restore


      Hello and thanks,

      This is my first post. i did some searching; ie Backup, Restore etc and still need help please.

      1st, please know I am the IT support, I do computers...not Filemaker. For the most part, it is like a foreign language to me..so please keep it Simple..ie I'm Stupid when it comes to Filemaker.

      also know, This is in an office of 20 users. They have Filemaker Pro 14 installed. These look to the File Server for the Filemaker database etc etc They all are running, as is the File Server hosting Filemaker, Win7.64 Pro


      The PC that hosts Filemaker Server has crashed. I am having to rebuild it from scratch. I did not do the original install of the Filemaker Server on the File Server. I'm not even sure where the Filmaker Server install files are. I do have the License info I use to install Filmmaker 14 on the Workstations.

      The good news: Backups

      -I have the backups created daily by Filemaker. I have several with the most recent a day before the crash, each in a folder with a time stamp.


      I was able to get Filemaker to run one last time and created another of these Backups and

      -I was able to do a ??? backup that created these Folders


      Copies_FMS (empty)




      So thats it, all I have and all I know.

      How do I best bring this system back up?

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          Is there a better place to post this? to get help/answers?


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            Those last folders are from the 'progressive backups' and that is not something that you trigger but something that runs on an interval.  The fact that it there is an 'InProgress' folder there is evidence that the backup did not complete so I would not use what is there.  Unless '2017-04-08_2128' was way before the crash and it is the most recent backup.


            Other than that:

            - reinstall FileMaker Server

            - put the most recent or most trusted backup of the files in the proper folder


            Do you have documentation on how the old setup was done to know where what FM files go?  If not you'd better get a FM specialist in.

            For one: FileMaker Server has no place on a file server.  There should never ever ever be any OS-level file sharing active on any of the FMS folders.  Ever.  OS-level file sharing is the #1 cause for corrupted files.


            Also (obviously) investigate the reason for the crash to see if something can be done to avoid it.  No use rebuilding everything only to have the exact same thing happen again tomorrow.

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              You post on the weekend and then get impatient after only an hour?


              You could call FileMaker Support directly. Here, you are relying on help from fellow users who choose to help you voluntarily.


              First thing is that you will need the installer for FileMaker Server if indeed you had this in the first place. (FileMaker Server isn't normally used to host a solution from a file server. ) If you can't find the installer, you'll need to contact tech support and ask for a new download. Then you'll need the actual database files that were being hosted--hope you have back ups of those.


              Note: if your users were going to a shared volume and accessing the files directly on your file server, this solution was not set up correctly.

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                Thanks, and I apologize for the impatience!! I hate when I see others do that also.

                And I appologzie for the poor terminology.

                Its not really a File Server ie like maybe a NAS or something sharing any files.

                It is a Win7 machine with Filemaker Sever installed.

                All users access the data bace thru Filemaker Pro, it connects to the Hosting PC (with Filemaker Server)

                I found all my documentation and have downloaded Filmmaker Server 14

                I installed it, then went to the default install location of the database

                \Program Files\Filemaker\Filemaker Server\Databases

                that folder is pretty much empty ie its a new install

                I have the same folder from the crashed drive. it s full of the files I want.


                Can I simply copy and past all those into the new same folder?

                i did that but only see them on the Host Machine from the File Server interface

                The workstations do not see them..hmm


                Thanks for your patience!!

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                  You have to use the admin Console to open the files. The simplest option is to use SHaring in FileMaker Pro to upload the files to the server, but even then, you'll need to learn about the admin console and how to use it.

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                    I have a user here that is familiar with the admin consul.

                    Everything is working at the machine, I see all the files in the Admin consul.  But not from the workstations. Database connection fails.  Is this the "Sharing" you mentioned

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                      fyi Back up and running.... had to tweak Firewall to allow others to access.. and then accept the Certificate issue

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                        Did I already apologize? Let me again, I do apologize.