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list as script parameter

Question asked by jdevans on Apr 10, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2017 by philmodjunk

I'm trying to do a fix on a solution that I didn't create. I believe it was a modified FM Starter Solution, possibly from a recent version of Invoices.

Anyway, there's a piece of it that uses List as a script parameter. It's List(field1;field2:field3...etc.) Inside the calling script, the Get(ScriptParameter) step assigns all those field values to a variable $selected.

Then the fields in a separate table occurrence get set to the values found in $selected by using this construct:

setNewField1(GetValue($selected; 1))

setNewField2(GetValue($selected; 2))

setNewField3(GetValue($selected; 3))...etc.


The PROBLEM though is that the original data was imported from Excel, and one of the fields contains LineFeeds by way of Alt+Enter.


During import, the second, third, etc line of data gets imported correctly, but when it gets "copied" via the get(scriptParameter) along with the List function, the second, third, etc lines of text get chopped off.


I'm wondering if there's another approach. I was thinking that several Lookup Fields may suffice as a replacement. Since it's important not to tamper with the new records created by the way it's done now.


Would another function do the  same thing?