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Stuck in Portal, Not Stuck in Parent Layout

Question asked by pademo57 on Apr 10, 2017
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I have a script trigger "OnObjectExit", which calculates the end date when someone changes the 'NumberOfDays' field in a portal.

i.e. Someone puts in 10 days and it calculates the 'EndDate' field by adding the 'StartDate' and 'NumberOfDays'.


However, then the process gets stuck. I can't get out of the field and have to close the whole program.


So I changed the script to move to a field in the parent layout and it works, but I'm confused on why it gets stuck if I don't use the "Go to Field" step and move to the parent layout out of the portal.


Here is the script:


Set Variable [$NoDays; Value: CRS::NumberOfDays]

Set Field [CRS::EndDate; CRS::StartDate+ $NoDays]

Halt Script


And it gets stuck in the portal and I can't get out of it.


Then I added

Go to Field [CRS::Title]


(which is not in the portal and it works.)


Can someone tell what I'm doing wrong?