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Case Statement Question

Question asked by milefaker76 on Apr 10, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2017 by milefaker76

I am baffled by the Case Statement and curious if anyone has this issue.

The case statement goes through each test in order and returns the first result where a test is true.


However, how do you avoid this if there are multiple conditions to be met?

Below is the statement I am having difficulty with, simple delivery date using greater than less than operators with dates.


Case (

Qty Ship = Order Qty ; "Bullseye" ;

Qty Ship ≥ Minimum ; "In Spec";

Qty Ship ≤ Minimum ; "Below Min Spec" ;

Qty Ship ≤ Maximum ; "In Spec";

Qty Ship ≥ Maximum ; "Above Max Spec" )



I looked through the forum but can't find anything related to this. It seems like a simple thing to fix but the lightbulb just wont't go on.