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    Question about starter solutions


      I'm trying to work with the starter solutions that can be accessed from the Filemaker program.

      My intention is to have a solution that can have a combination of "Contacts, then Products, Estimates, and Invoices.


      I assumed that these files or databases would be tied together already but that doesn't see to be the case.


      Why I mean is that if I work in the estimates file it won't pull the data from the contacts file.

      Then the invoices won't pull from estimates which would have been logical to me.


      Or... am I supposed to make them work together by customizing them??


      Any help answers would be appreciated.



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          They are individual example files. Customize.

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            The different starter solutions are not linked to each other.


            They are decent examples of what is possible in FileMaker, but in my opinion, they are poor tutorial resources for teaching people how to set up FileMaker solutions due to a highly unprofessional lack of documentation on the design and function of each starter solution. Instead, you have to "play detective" in order to figure out how they work and how you might modify their design.


            You might research "Starting Point" to find a solution that is similar to what you see in the starter solutions but which has already been set up as a unified system.


            You can figure out how to modify the starter solutions.


            Or you can "roll your own" from scratch.

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