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    phantom outlines around hidden tab controls


      Hello again dear community,


      I am developing a solution in FM12 because my client's clients are mostly using that version .


      I designed the homepage and several other key layouts with some hidden tab controls and they work as expected in FM12.


      However some of her clients have upgraded to FM14. So the other day I downloaded the trial version of 14, opened the file with it and got an unpleasant surprise: in FM14, I see phantom outlines around all of these tab controls. Screen shots are attached.


      I scoured the internet and this forum for references to this issue, but don't seem to find any...


      Would be most grateful to hear your thoughts on the matter!

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          There is more than one method for hiding a layout object in FileMaker 14. What method are you using?


          Things to try:

          Use Hide Object When if you are not already doing so. Not only can you hide the tab control this way, but, if necessary, you can eliminate the tab control and just hide the individual objects within the tab control.


          Change the layout theme. I've seen some "phantom lines" before that disappeared when a different theme was used.


          Look for any "drop shadow" for the tab controls in question. If you are conditionally formatting the fill color and border colors, this won't affect a specified drop shadow.