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Making a value list smaller

Question asked by askewd on Apr 11, 2017
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Hey guys. Firstly i better warn you that i'm a newbie. :-)   this is my first post and not even sure if i'm in right place.   So bare with me :-)


I have built a music database using Filemaker 15. My needs are quite specific but i'm going to simplify it here to get the crux of the question across clear as possible (hopefully haha). 


ok - each record has quite a few fields but some of the main fields are as follows:







I have the need to allow songs names to be selected from a pop up value list.   So for example i click on a field and from that field it pops up a list of song names of which i then select the one i need to be entered into that field.


I have it working great at the moment.  However as the song list starts getting longer and longer i am realising i need to think about shortening the list, to only show relevant songs. 


So how would I, for example,  ONLY show (in a pop up value list)  the songs which are at 100 BPM?      Or   ONLY the songs which are also by the same artist as the one i'm currently viewing?    (the latter being closest to my actual need).    In a nutshell,  to filter the list.


I appreciate any help getting my head around how to achieve this


Thank you