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FM Go 15 accessing camera

Question asked by Kirk_1 on Apr 11, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2017 by Kirk_1

I need help if you have a moment.


I cannot access my camera from my new iPhone 7 plus... on FM go 15. I have the latest update. 10.3.1


I had a customer download FM go 15 this morning and they cannot access their camera either. He has a iPhone SE, 10.2.1


I've been on the phone with FM and Apple...


Apple is taking the lead and will call me back.


This is what I need...


          1)       Has anyone else experienced this?


          2)       Please go to your settings/privacy/camera... is FM go included in the files that can access your camera?

                    If so what phone do you have and what update version is it?


          3)       If you delete FM go 15 and reinstall it, can you access your camera?



I'm trying to help Apple and FM get to the bottom of it.


Thank  you