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Closing a file in FMGO 15 returning File In User Error (13)

Question asked by KrisTebbs on Apr 11, 2017
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I have three files:

File A: Update File (No TO's to File B or FIle C)

File B: User Interface File

File C: Data File


File B will call File A if there is a new update.

File A closes both File B and File C through a Open URL call to a close file script to close the files and export new files to the ipad.

File B updates with no problem.

File C has an OnFirstWindowOpen trigger which make sure the user is on File B when using and does some temp cleanup. If I keep the trigger enabled, I get the file is in use error and cannot close the file to replace. If I disable the trigger then the update works as expected. However I need the trigger to assure the user does not end up in this file on the ipad.


1) When using Open URL to call a script does it trigger the OnFirstWindowOpen? I tried putting a dialogue box up to display when run but I did not get the box which I thought was strange.

2) If it does run the trigger, how could I use Open URL to close the file if it is in use.

3) Is there a better way to accomplish this!