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Decifer Scheduling Backup Options in FileMaker Server 14

Question asked by bmadams on Apr 11, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2017 by wimdecorte

Please help me tweak/optimize my Backups.


I had a Hard Drive fail, I was able to fully recover but I want to improve on my Backups from what I learned during the recovery/reinstalling of FileMaker:

I am setting up the Backup Schedule in FileMaker Server 14. 

I am at step 4

fyi; at Step 3 Backup Options: I set path to a different internal Drive and Max number to keep at 7

Step 4: 'Frequency': =Daily, 'Start Date': =Today's date

this is where I am confused

"Repeat Settings"; Select how often during the day you want the schedule to run."

The options under this are very confusing (to me)

- 'Start Time" there are 3 drop downs. ?so is that Hours, Min, and PM/AM?

and then below that is a place to select "Repeat the task" which then makes more options available.

Please clarify what these all do.

- "Every" X minutes/Hours

- Cont Until; ? H, M, am/pm


I don't know, is it going to Repeat (ie make another Backup), if so how does that tie in with me picking # to keep..

How should I utilize this feature to have timely backups that minimize loss in case of total drive failure??