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ServerSide Schedule Tracking - Is

Question asked by StephenWonfor on Apr 11, 2017
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I may well be missing something but here goes.


We have a client Windows 2012 FMS 14 server running a lot of Filemaker scripts for their system. 

I am looking for a strategy to easily tell which routines are being executed by the server.  I thought I might get lucky by creating the "fms14_settings.settings" file and then hand reading it on my Mac.  It starts off in a promising fashion but quickly degenerates into a WingDing Festival.

"FMIE01Copyright (c) 2001 - 2002 FileMaker, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 4q' p7 w U w [y v h:}; R 2y0s2

n U,O} g o[#n #T r3 Gt.B!O q ! >} U2b*d o(~ q&^2Q+ T ^ x1u...".

Is there an app that can read "fms14_settings.settings"?

Currently I have taken to placing all the sever side routines into a "Server" folder in the system which works fine until I forget to put one there. 

Which causes me to prepend the script name with "(Server)" (easy to filter for) which works fine until I forget that "prepension".




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