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Integration with RedCap?

Question asked by 34South on Apr 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2017 by mitc0186

Although I would be loathe to even attempt, let alone recommend attempting this, is it possible to integrate RedCap data into an FM solution, that is access RedCap data online from within FM? I sincerely doubt it is possible in the opposite direction. I'm assuming one could probably use the FM WebViewer tool to display and interact with RedCap, but that does not really represent true integration where that data could be used in calculations, for example. RedCap might not permit integration from a security perspective for the purpose of retaining HIPAA compliance anyway and, if it did, since the interface is browser based, some sort of API/HTML5 approach would be needed to effect this. RedCap allows exporting of data but warns that PHI (Protected Health Information) fields need to be deselected first, some of which may represent primary keys, to avoid substantial fines.