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set field to all records of a found set

Question asked by user28653 on Apr 12, 2017
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Hello All, I am stuck on the following problem.


I have a group of records (several thousand) with the field "title", contained in this field is a model number.  I need to parse out the model number to a  called "model number".  The problem is that the model number is located is all over the place in "title" so parsing has proved to be as much work as just manual sorts.  


So I had an idea that i might be able to script it using find mode.  I have a master list of all the possible "model numbers" so my thought is to loop through that list, get a found set for each model number in the list, then on all records in the "found set" set the field "model number" equal to the search variable for all the records in the found set.


I hope I explained this clearly if not please don't hesitate for clarification.