Adding a full address to a quote

Discussion created by jvt on Apr 12, 2017
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I'm having a little problem to figure this one out.  Should be simple, but something just doesn't work.


I have many tables and I think I have a problem with the relationship.

I can only merge field into the layout from the actual table I'm in, and not from the customer table.

I linked the ID and this shows me the fields which I want to select, but they don't merge anything.


The customer table is full of "quote to, bill to, ship to" addresses, street, city, contact name and so on.

In a new layout, where I set up a portal to show items from supplier base or inventory, with prices and totals.

At the top of this layout. I would like to set up the customer. I have set up a pull down list which shows me the customers name.

Now from this customer name I want the entire address to be loaded.

I.e an autofill of fields from the customer table.


I would appreciate any help or links to videos which I could watch.