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    AWS Windows/FMS keyboard problem


      I've got an FMS 15 instance on AWS EC2 that when trying to open the server dashboard in IE it won't take the name/password.  On install two things noted: 1) nothing I do will make it accept a capitalized character, 2) it installs fine and opens and works but as soon as I logout and back in, there goes the keyboard input for capitalization.  Both remote and local systems are US keyboard.  This happens accessing it straight through my MacBook Pro/MS RDP and through Parallels/Win10 on the MacBook.  I also tried reinstalling and using all lower case during the install and still same results.  Any thoughts on this?  Might there be a Windows setting or something I'm missing?  Next thing I will try tonight is through a real Windows machine (keyboard) but never had this kind of problem before using this kind of setup (but not on AWS).  Thanks!